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CM Gilgamesh
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We recommend reading through the STEPN Whitepaper first before trying out any of the STEPN App's functionalities.

For faster resolution, please read the below article first before raising a ticket with the Customer Support team. 



🔸 Why do my currency swaps keep failing? 

There are two possible reasons for constantly failing transactions:

  • There are App Issues or Network Issues (such as high traffic) at the moment. The higher the traffic present, the more likely that your swap will fail. 
  • The decimal count in your transfer/swap amount is too high. Try to lower the decimal count in the amount you have specified, e.g. instead of converting 54.12345 USDC to GST, convert only 54 USDC.
    This is because slippage calculation becomes absolutely complex when there are decimals involved; if you try to convert 54.12345 USDC, you're basically telling the system that slippage calculation needs to be sensitive to ANY change in price up to 5 decimal places. Removing decimals mean you don't care if the prices change at the cents level.


🔸 My swap has failed several times, but the system kept deducting fees each time! Why is this? 

That fee is the processing fee for the transaction. These are service fees that go to the miners/validators processing your transaction, and this fee is paid regardless if the transaction succeeds or fails. Even if it fails, the miners/validators provided its service by validating and executing your transaction, which requires hardware/software equipment.

This service fee is an industry standard for all miners/validators on ETH, SOL, or BNB.

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