Missing Sneaker or Tokens After Transfer

CM Gilgamesh
CM Gilgamesh
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We recommend reading through the STEPN Whitepaper first before trying out any of the STEPN App's functionalities. 

We also recommend checking the App Issues page first to see if there are known/announced issues causing transaction delays. 

For faster resolution, please try these troubleshooting steps first before raising a ticket with the Customer Support team. 



🔸 I tried to transfer a sneaker/token several hours ago, and it still hasn't arrived!
Transferring sneakers or tokens usually takes just a few minutes, whether you're using STEPN in the BSC Network or the Solana Network. However, congestions in the network and node issues may affect the speed of STEPN transactions.

When such issues happen, it may affect transactions that are wallet to wallet, from wallet to Spending Account, or from Spending Account to wallet.

As such, we request that you give your transactions 24 hours to self-solve (as most congestions clear up after a full 24 hours). 

However, if your sneakers or tokens still cannot be found even after waiting 24-48 hours, you may report this as a missing asset case


To do so, please join STEPN Discord Server 1:



Once you are a member of Discord Server 1, you may submit your missing asset case here:



Should Discord Server 1 be full already, you may try joining STEPN Discord Server 2:



Once you are a member of Discord Server 2, you may submit your missing asset case here:



NOTE: As with any other social media channels, you may receive direct messages from strangers offering questionable services such as discounted mints, free shoeboxes, or technical assistance. Do not click on any links sent to you via direct messages. STEPN Moderator Team members will never message you directly. Please exercise due diligence in securing your own account when in social media.


🔸 Will I get my missing assets issue resolved faster if I submit a Customer Support ticket about it? 
✅ At this time, all missing asset cases need to be submitted to the Discord channel above. If you submit a missing items case to Customer Support, CS will direct you to the same Discord channel. This is because the information submitted there goes straight to engineers for investigation. 

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