STEPN versus Other Pedometers

CM Gilgamesh
CM Gilgamesh
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Please note that the STEPN Whitepaper provides thorough information regarding the STEPN App's functionalities.

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🔸 STEPN is showing double the speed compared to my Strava / Fitbit /Google Fit!

Due to a combination of several factors, STEPN may show a different speed measurement and/or distance covered compared to other pedometer apps. 

Since STEPN movement translates to cryptocurrency gains, STEPN uses stricter parameters for measuring distance and speed.

For example, a regular pedometer may approximate your location indoors when GPS reception is poor, whereas STEPN will simply stop measuring distance or speed altogether, and just show  a "moonwalking" message under the same conditions.

STEPN may also stop registering steps taken when internet connection is lost, or when it no longer detects readable human movement. This is why in most cases, STEPN will show slower speed/shorter distances compared to other fitness apps. 

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