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We recommend reading through the STEPN Whitepaper first before trying out any of the STEPN App's functionalities. 

For faster resolution, please read the below article first before raising a ticket with the Customer Support team. 



🔸 I opened my STEPN account, and my Inventory is empty!
✅ This is often caused by logging into STEPN with a different email address than what you used to login with, therefore the account is empty because it's technically the wrong account. 

Note that if you are seeing an empty STEPN inventory AND also the "Wallet already exists" error, there's a big chance that this is actually what is happening: 

  1. Customer installs STEPN for the first time, creates Account (A) using email address (A), then creates wallet (A).
  2. Since STEPN keeps the account logged in forever, customer basically forgets that he is logged in with email address (A).
  3. One of our maintenance/updates logs the customer out.
  4. After the maintenance/update, he tries to log in again, but not remembering that his account uses email address (A), he tries to login with email address (B). 
  5. If email address (B) does not have a STEPN account associated with it yet, Account (B) then gets created.
  6. Customer sees empty Inventory, because account (B) is factually a new, empty account. 
  7. At this point, if the customer has the seed phrase for his original wallet (A), he will then try to restore his assets by connecting wallet (A) to account (B).
  8. However, customer will most likely get the "Wallet address already exists" error, because only one STEPN wallet can be connected to a STEPN account, and wallet (A) is STILL connected to account (A).

Below are the telltale signs that might help you tell whether you have simply signed into the wrong email address: 

  • You only started having this issue after you got logged out of your account, and had to log back in. 
  • You're not sure if you are using the right email address for logging in.
  • If you check the run history under profile > total distance, the run history is zero, even if you've ran using STEPN in the past.
  • You have given away activation codes from your STEPN app in the past, but you don't see any used activation codes in your app's activation code section.
  • The email address you have logged in with has ZERO verification code requests from the past.
  • When you try to access your wallet, it's empty/gone and you are actually being asked to create a NEW wallet.
  • When you do try to reconnect your existing wallet using your seed phrase, you get a "Wallet already exists" error. 

The easiest way to resolve this is to log in with the right STEPN account email address. 


However, if you believe this is not applicable in your case, or you believe that the assets you used to have in your Spending account have really disappeared, please submit a Customer Support ticket so we can assist you. 


(NOTE: As with any other social media channels, you may receive direct messages from strangers offering questionable services such as discounted mints, free shoeboxes, or technical assistance. Do not click on any links sent to you via direct messages. STEPN Moderator Team members will never message you directly. Please exercise due diligence in securing your own account when in social media.) 

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