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Please note that the STEPN Whitepaper provides thorough information regarding the STEPN App's functionalities.

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🔸 I started getting less GST for some reason! Same route, same speed, same everything! Why?
✅ Please take note of the following requirements to ensure optimal GST earnings:

  1. Move outdoors where there's good GPS reception. Moving indoors will most likely be considered moonwalking (moonwalking will lead to ZERO GST earnings).
  2. Check and ensure that you have energy when you move. If your energy gauge is zero, you can still run and use STEPN as a pedometer, but you will earn ZERO GST if you have ZERO energy.
  3. Movement speed should be within your sneakers' optimal speed (green zone). If you have a "Walker" sneaker, it's best to move at the optimal speed for Walker sneakers, which is between 1-6 kmh. Moving 50% faster or slower than this optimal speed/green zone will reduce your GST earning. Moving MORE THAN 50% faster or slower than the optimal speed/green zone will give ZERO GST.
  4. Ensure that you have readable human movement. Do not put your phone in a purse, a loose pocket, behind you inside a backpack, etc. which may result in the app not reading your movement properly.
  5. Ensure that you are not using a rooted/jailbroken device and/or altered OS. STEPN will constantly show "moonwalking" on such devices. To resolve this, you will need to use a device that is not rooted/jailbroken/doesn't have an altered OS.
  6. Earnings have a randomization factor that may change your GST earning amounts. No two runs would result in the exact same GST earning.
  7. Ensure that your sneakers have more than 50% durability. Anything less will impact your earning ability. 
  8. Ensure that your sneakers have 20% HP or more. Anything less will impact your earning ability. 

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