Verification Code Issues

CM Gilgamesh
CM Gilgamesh
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Please note that the STEPN Whitepaper provides thorough information regarding the STEPN App's functionalities.

You may also use the "Submit Request" button at the bottom of this article to reach out to our Customer Support team for further assistance. 



🔸 I've requested for a Verification code 30 minutes ago, and it still hasn't arrived!
If you're not seeing any code in your inbox, please check your spam and trash folders, as your email filters may have misdirected them there. If you still haven't received the Verification email after waiting for a few minutes, press the "send code" again to request for another one. Unless there's an announcement that our email servers are malfunctioning, It WILL arrive eventually, so please be patient! 


If no Verification Code email arrives even after waiting 30 minutes, please reach out to Customer Support  at and provide your STEPN account email address so we can troubleshoot your concern. 

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