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We recommend reading through the STEPN Whitepaper first before trying out any of the STEPN App's functionalities. 

If you are experiencing errors or issues, please visit our Troubleshooting Section first before raising a ticket with the Customer Support team. 



🔸 How do I download STEPN?
STEPN can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store.


🔸 How do I play STEPN?
Please go to our How to Play link here:


🔸 What is an Activation Code, and where do I get that?
✅ Activation codes allow you to create a new STEPN account, and is designed to prevent huge spikes in membership increase within the app. However, there are times when an Activation Code is not needed. If you tried to create a new STEPN account and the app did not ask for an Activation Code, that means an Activation Code is not required at this time.

If you require an activation code, you can join any of our social media channels and ask current STEPN players to give you one. 


🔸 Should I use "Account Login" or "Verification Login"? 
There are two ways to log into the STEPN app: via Account Login, or Verification code Login. No matter which Login method you use, you will be logged into the same account as long as the same email address is used in both login methods:

  • Account Login, which lets you use your email address and a password you registered during account creation. 
  • Verification Login is where you just put in your email address and press "Send Code". This sends a Verification code to the inbox of the email address you provided, and you can use it to log into STEPN without a password.
    • If you are having issues with your Account Password, you can use Verification Login instead, at any time, and send yourself a Verification Code instead. Once you're logged into your account, you can then set up a new password.
    • If you're not receiving any Verification Code email messages in your inbox, please check your spam and trash folders, as your email filters may have misdirected them there. If you still haven't received the Verification email even after waiting for a few minutes, press the "send code" again to request for another one. If you have already tried requesting for a code several times and still haven't received anything, please reach out to Customer Support by pressing the "Submit Request" button at the bottom of this article.


🔸 How long is the Verification Code valid?
The Verification Code is only valid for 10 minutes after it has been sent. Once it has expired and/or doesn't work, you will need to send yourself a new Verification Code. Note that requesting a new Verification code will invalidate all previous Verification Codes. 


🔸 It looks like I need a sneaker to earn GST. How do I get a Sneaker?
You can purchase one from the in-app Marketplace using GMT, or Spark.

  • If you're on Android, just tap the Shopping Cart icon at the bottom of the screen to go to the Marketplace. 
  • If you're on iOS, you will need to purchase Spark credits (via Apple Pay) to purchase from the Marketplace. Note that sneakers bought using Spark have a lock-in period, during which time you cannot transfer or sell the assets you bought. 
  • You can also access the STEPN marketplace without logging into the app, by going to Just sign in with your STEPN account email address and password or Verification Code. 


🔸 I don't have GMT, where do I get this? 
There are two ways to get GMT: 

  1. Earn GMT. Within the STEPN app, you can earn GMT by walking, jogging or running using a level 30 sneaker. For best results, a GMT-earning sneaker should have a maximized COMFORT stat, and preferably two or more COMFORT gem sockets. When walking/jogging/running, make sure to toggle the earning option to "GMT" instead of "GST". 
  2. Buy GMT. Exchange your SOL/BNB/ETH tokens for GMT inside the in-app wallet. Note that: 
    • You can exchange SOL to GMT if you're in the Solana Network
    • You can exchange BNB to GMT if you're in the BSC Chain
    • You can exchange ETH to GMT if you're in the Solana Network. For more details, please check our guide on how to fund your wallet with SOL, BNB, ETH, or GMT


🔸 It looks like STEPN has several realms to choose from. What's the difference among them? 
✅ Currently STEPN has three realms: Solana, BSC, and Eth. Each realm is separate from one another, with its own server, players, sneakers, economic mechanisms, and prices. This allows players to use STEPN in their preferred network.

Note that SOL, BNB, and ETH all use the same GMT token. However, GST is NOT shared across realms-- Solana uses sGST, Binance uses bGST, and Eth or Ape realm uses eGST. 


🔸 Do I have to choose which network I want to play in? 
✅ Yes, because each network has its own ecosystem. Sneakers in Solana can't be used in Binance/Eth; sneakers in Binance can't be used in Eth/Sol, and sneakers in Eth can't be used in Solana/Binance. 

If you're on the Solana network, you can only earn and use Solana / sGST. 

If you're on the Binance network, you can only earn and use Binance / bGST. 

If you're on the Ethereum network, you can only earn and use Ethereum / ebGST. 


🔸 Which STEPN realm should I choose? 

✅ You can play in any STEPN realm that you prefer. The three realms in STEPN (SOL, BSC, and Eth) have the exact same game mechanics, but allows you to use the token that is native to that network. This allows players to choose in which realm they are comfortable doing transactions.  

As of this writing, most players are in the SOL network as it was the very first STEPN realm, and has the lowest transaction fees among all three realms. 


🔸 I don't have SOL, how do I get SOL?
I don't have BNB, how do I get BNB?
I don't have ETH, how do I get ETH?

To add SOL to your Solana wallet, or BNB to your Binance wallet, follow our guide on how to fund your wallet with SOL, BNB, ETH, or GMT


🔸 I just bought a sneaker from Magic Eden/received a sneaker from a friend, and it says it's on Cooldown? WHY??
Sneakers undergo a 24 hour cooldown whenever it lands in a new wallet, within which time the sneakers cannot be sold or transferred. After the 24-hour cooldown, the sneaker can be traded and also starts to add to your energy pool. 


🔸 When do I get energy? How much energy do I get daily?
✅ You get a certain number of energy for having sneakers in your inventory. Generally, the more sneakers you possess, the more energy you will have, up to a maximum of 20 energy. Note that you will not get more energy past 20, even if you get more sneakers.

Energy replenishes on a global schedule, which means EVERYONE gets their energy replenished during the same hour/s.

Energy is replenished every 6 hours, at 13:00, 19:00, 1:00, 7:00 AM UTC.
Energy is replenished on a percentage basis, regardless if you have 2 energy or 20 energy: 

  • first 6 hours of the day: 25% energy
  • next 6 hours: 50% of energy
  • next 6 hours: 75% of energy
  • final 6 hours: 100% energy (completely filled)

Note that energy not used today, will NOT be carried over the next day. So use your energy whenever you can! ⚡


🔸 How fast can I get my ROI in STEPN?
✅ There are "base returns" provided in the whitepaper that can give you an approximate idea how much you can earn, but keep in mind that GST earnings depend on a lot of factors:

  1. Shoe attributes (especially efficiency)
  2. Shoe count (how many sneakers you have, since more sneakers = generally more energy)
  3. Shoe quality (common, uncommon, rare, etc.)
  4. Shoe type (walker, jogger, runner, or trainer, since this decides optimal speed) and whether you can actually move within that optimal speed
  5. Shoe Durability (you get less GST at 50% durability or lower)
  6. GPS signal (you won't earn as much if your GPS signal is poor and/or the app considers you as moonwalking. moonwalking = no GST earned, energy may/may not be deducted)
  7. Internet signal strength and stability (if you lose internet connection, you will also be considered moonwalking)
  8. Gems in sockets (especially efficiency gems)
  9. Randomization (there's an in-app calculation that randomizes earnings per minute)
  10. Ensure that you are not using a phone that has been jailbroken, rooted, or has an altered OS. STEPN will not work properly on such a device, and you may earn ZERO GST.
  11. Note that there is a slight randomization factor applied to earnings, each time you run. Hence no two runs will yield the exact same amount of GST, GMT, or Mystery boxes, even if both runs have the exact same conditions. 

Due to the number of factors that can affect your sneaker earnings, we cannot offer ROI estimates nor offer financial advice in the form of optimal sneaker recommendations. We advocate DYOR (do your own research), and remember to only invest money in crypto that you can afford to lose. 


🔸 Someone messaged me that STEPN has a stealth mint / limited event / special giveaway. Is this true?
All upcoming events are announced in STEPN's official Social Media channels. Our official Social Media channels are in our Links page. If the event is not listed there, it's FAKE. If you were directly messaged by a fellow Discord or Telegram member talking about such an event, that person is a scammer. 


🔸 I have a business proposal/investment proposal/collaboration proposal/partnership, how do I reach out to STEPN?
Have a great collaboration idea between your business/company and STEPN? Please send us an email at and provide us the details of your collaboration/partnership deal. If your proposal piques our interest, we will reach out to you!


🔸 My channel or company wants to do an AMA/interview/Twitter space with STEPN, who do I reach out to?
Please send us an email at regarding your AMA request. If we're interested, we will reach out to you!

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