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If you are experiencing slow transfers, please check the status of the network you are in: 

To check Solana's current Network Status, go to:

To check the BNB Network status, go to:


Post Date: July 9, 2022


Transfer issues from Spending to Wallet in the Solana Network is being looked into at the moment. In the meantime, if it has been less than 24 hours, please give your transaction 24 hours to self-solve first.

If it has been 24 hours or longer and your assets still haven't arrived, please submit your case to #⛑︱-transaction-related-missing-assets .

Thank you, and we appreciate your patience.



Post Date: June 22, 2022


1. Players being detected as bots:
🔹 SMAC analyzes the user's data and, depending on the analysis, adds or subtracts points to the member's Turing Score. This means that a run being tagged as a "bot" is not the result of a single unwanted activity, but an accumulation of repeated unwanted activity. If you have been tagged as a bot before, your Turing Score can still be raised by walking/jogging/running in the correct manner.
2. Slow transaction times, especially transfers from Wallet to Spending:
🔹 STEPN relies on a third party utility software to process data. However, said provider has recently changed access to their services, severely restricting the number of transactions that STEPN can process every hour. To resolve this, STEPN has begun creating its own utility software to make our transaction processing self sufficient. However, building such a tool will take a while, hence transaction speed issues are expected to continue for the next several weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.
3. Network Busy error on June 21 due to Cloudflare issues:
🔹 This was due to Cloudflare having an outage on July 21st, resulting in service interruption that lasted about 15 minutes. This issue is now fixed.
4. Mint showing 48 hours wait time:
🔹 There was a brief period of time when minting in STEPN showed a wait time of 48 hours instead of 72 hours. We are still investigating this matter.
5. CMC Badge Drop:
🔹 Badge distribution will take longer than the initially planned 7 days. New timeframe will be announced shortly.
6. Enhancing a Genesis sneaker:
🔹 An "enhanced" Genesis sneaker will still qualify for all the perks a Genesis is qualified to get.



Post Date: June 16, 2022, 3:00 UTC


We are facing increasing transaction time from Wallet to Spending Account due to Solana’s Solscan now limiting external uses. This limitation is temporarily affecting Wallet to Spending transaction speeds within the app.
We are working on a long term solution as we speak, but have implemented a short term solution for the time being. Until further notice, please allow 48-72 hours for transactions to be completed. Rest assured your assets will not be lost.
We will update everyone once the issues have been resolved.
Thank you, and we appreciate your patience.


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