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VERSION 0.8.12 (Android)
App Update Date: December 31, 2022

[Not a forced update, no available popup]

  • Optional Update available for Android users; Fix for the NaN error. 
  • Go to Google Play > search "STEPN" > choose "Update" to start the update.


App Update Date: October 5, 2022


  • Mystery Boxes now drop normally when mining GMT using Classic Sneakers. 
  •  Fixed known bugs.


App Update Date: July 18, 2022


  • Ape Realm (ETH) launched. 
    • ETH wallet creation process added 
  • HP System added
  • Optimized wallet creation process; you can now create SOL/BNB/ETH wallets in one click
  • Sneaker Enhancement now requires sneakers with 2 mints or more.
  • Optimized UI
  •  Fixed known bugs.


App Update Date: June 21, 2022


  • NFT enhancement is now enabled (burn 5 sneakers to create a new sneaker).
    • The resulting "enhanced" Uncommon/Rare/Epic will have 20% higher min/max attributes than a regular Uncommon/Rare/Epic.
    • Each burned sneaker will have a 20%/20%/20%/20%/20% chance to influence the resulting "enhanced" sneaker's Sneaker Type.
    • The resulting "enhanced" sneaker will inherit the lowest Sneaker ID among those burned. e.g. if you burned Sneaker IDs "100", "1234", "55555", "8888888", and "12", the "enhanced" sneaker will have Sneaker ID "12".
    • There's a small chance the NFT enhancement will produce a sneaker that's one tier of quality higher. e.g.
      • instead of 5 Commons producing 1 Uncommon, it ends up creating 1 Rare.
      • instead of 5 Uncommons producing 1 Rare, it ends up creating 1 Epic.
    • If you happen to get the two-level-up, there will be a pleasant surprise for you in the coming weeks.
  • Energy will no longer be shared across realms.
    • Each realm will have an independent energy bar, earning and losing energy without other realms influencing it.
    • The energy sharing rules in the Action Plan will be fully implemented at the launch of the next Realm.
  • Feedback button now directs to the STEPN Knowledgebase.
    • Players will be provided Knowledgebase articles to address issues that may not need Agent support.
    • As part of the streamlining process, older tickets submitted before the update will be marked as solved.
  •  Everyone gets full energy in all realms.
  •  Fixed known bugs.


App Update Date: June 15, 2022


  • Minting Scrolls added. There are a total of 10 scroll levels. 
  • Mystery box levels updated. There are now 10 mystery box levels. 
  • Anti-cheating mechanics updated. 
  • Wallet function is optimized to lessen trading function issues. 
  • Fixed known bugs. 
  • Moving forward STEPN will only be able to support iOS 13 and Android 9 (post-2015 models). Phones on lower models can still use STEPN for a limited time, but will not be able to mint. 

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