The STEPN 5-Minute Guide

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CM Gilgamesh
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Everything you need to get started in STEPN is here. 




  • Read the STEPN whitepaper. Once you've read it, you know 70% of everything that needs to be known about STEPN.
  • If that's too much reading for you, you can also read our visual How to Play Guide, albeit this guide only gives the basics.





STEPN currently has three realms: SOL, BNB, and ETH. Though it is possible to get sneakers for each realm, most players prefer to focus on a single realm. Currently, the most popular realm is SOL, since this is STEPN's first realm and has the lowest transaction fees among all three realms. 



  • Download the STEPN app, then use it (even without a sneaker) to measure what your comfortable speed is, i.e. what speed can you maintain without problems for 10 mins, or 20 mins, 30 mins etc.
  • Once you have your comfortable speed (let's say you find out that you move 4kmh on average), go back to the whitepaper and check which sneaker type works best for you. Using your 4kmh as an example, you can now see that this 4kmh is ideal for WALKER sneaker type.
  • Now, get that Walker Sneaker type (or whatever Sneaker Type that is ideally matched with your average speed), and start accumulating sneakers from there. (Each sneaker type has its optimal speed; check the Whitepaper for optimal speed per sneaker Type.)
  • Moving faster or slower than the optimal speed of that sneaker will decrease your GST earnings. i.e. Don't get a Runner if you can't run, you will BARELY earn anything if you can't keep up with a Runner sneaker's optimal speed.
  • You only use one sneaker every time you walk, jog or run. However, a player should ideally have at least 3 sneakers: one for GST earning (EFF/RES), one for GMT earning (COMF/RES), and another one for mystery box farming (LUCK/RES). Having three sneakers will also give you 4 energy (about 20 minutes of activity) to walk, jog or run. 



  • GET A GST EARNING SNEAKER FIRST. This sneaker is what you'll use to earn GST and level up/mint other sneakers. To find out what your possible earnings are, you can go to community-created websites to input your theoretical sneaker stats there, and it will tell you how much GST (or GMT) you can earn. (Be careful with trying external websites that are not officially created by STEPN.)
  • GET A GMT SNEAKER ONLY IF YOU'RE IN ENDGAME, OR HAVE ENOUGH EXTRA CASH FOR A SPECIFICALLY BUILT GMT EARNER SNEAKER. Earning GMT pays more than earning GST, but it takes a LOT of accumulated sneakers and energy and gems and time to get optimal GMT earning. If you're not sure about how to use STEPN yet, don't go into GMT earning yet.
  • DO MYSTERY BOX FARMING WITH CAUTION. Since Mystery Boxes drop randomly and have randomized content, the profit from farming Mystery Boxes requires real-life luck. It is a high-stakes, high-reward game mechanism. If you are not familiar enough with the game yet to understand the risks, do not focus on Mystery Box Farming.

NOTE: The STEPN app is still in BETA ACCESS. STEPN is being developed continuously, and because  it's not in its final version yet, it is still considered in BETA. In-game mechanics may still change without further notice. As this is a cryptocurrency game, STEPN is subject to the market's macroeconomic conditions. Invest only the amount you are comfortable losing. 



Good luck, and have fun! 


Need more info, but only have 10 minutes to spare? Read our STEPN FAQ here!

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